Project PD

About Project PD

ProjectPD is a newly founded FivePD based server with the sole intent of creating a fun and enjoyable gaming space for everyone. There are no pay walls and ProjectPD will never become a pay to play service. We have a lot of features and our consumers will never grow board as we continue to adapt this server to the communities needs. This is a community, built by the community.

What We Offer

This server features a lot of scripts, vehicles and buildings to ensure a replayable roleplay experience. Some of the features include:

Active Staff, hand picked to ensure quality support and administration.

An in depth SAFR experience (Our boys in red matter too).

Continuous development and optimization to ensure quality over quantity.

A community that listens. Your voice means something.


Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas Highway Patrol

Blaine County Sheriffs Office

San Andreas Game Warden

San Andreas Fire Rescue

San Andreas Department of Emergency Communications

San Andreas Department of Transportation

San Andreas Civilian Operations