FiveM Server Rules

#1 ✪ Must be 15 years of age or older.

#2 ✪ Absolutely no RDM or VDM

#3 ✪ Racism, harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. You must remain respectful.

#4 ✪ NCRP aims for realism so please ensure you are realistic and professional on all scenes, text chat or over RTO channels. Please also try to stay in character as much as possible.

#5 ✪ LEOs must use the weapons provided by the F11 menu or F1 menu. Non-LEO Departments must not be seen, or have access to, any kind of firearm unless specified by your Department in their SOP.

#6 ✪ Do not use, or threaten to use, any kind of hack, cheat or exploit.

#7 ✪ Maintain realism when customizing your vehicle or spawning a new vehicle Please ensure you are not using any prohibited parts in violation of your departments Standard Operating Procedure. When spawning a new vehicle please do it in a parking lot or hidden away where others cant see.

#8 ✪ Your license plate must display your callsign at all times, on any vehicle.

#9 ✪ Do not enter a Staff vehicle or building without prior permission or request.

#10 ✪ This is an English server ONLY. Please ensure you and others are using English in text and voice.

#11 ✪ Push-to-talk MUST be used when background noise cannot be controlled.

#12 ✪ You must use an appropriate roleplay name. E.g. John Doe. Not john124yay. Please do not use any inappropriate names. Joining the server with names not suitable to roleplay will result in being kicked from the server and told to change your name.

#13 ✪ You may only be in one LEO department.

#14 ✪ You may only be Full-Time in one department while Part-Time in others. Full-Time means you are not limited by rank and can move into officer positions.

#15 ✪ You must have a working microphone to play in the city.

#16 ✪ There is no "22ing" scenes. If you don't want to roleplay, don't play in our server.

#17 ✪ If you are in a department, or verified. Your ingame name MUST match your discord nickname in our server EXACTLY, or you will be told to change it or have your verification removed.

Discord Server Rules

#1 ✪ Please use the channels for their intended purpose. Posting in the correct channels helps keep the chats clean, and easy to read through and moderate.

#2 ✪ We do not condone any form of bullying or harassment. Treat others the same as you would want to be treated.

#3 ✪ Be respectful, civil and welcoming.

#4 ✪ Do not post any inappropriate content anywhere in this server. This includes images, gifs, links etc.

#5 ✪ Do not impersonate other members or staff.

#6 ✪ Do not advertise other Discord Servers or Game Servers.

#7 ✪ Do not discuss any kind of cheats, leaks or hacks.

#8 ✪ Pinging or dming members of staff or department high command is prohibited unless asked to.

#9 ✪ We appreciate your intrest in becoming staff, but please dont ask if you can join the staff team. Game staff are handpicked by our Board Of Directors. You must be ⁠verified to be able to apply for Discord Staff.